Banking Process Management - Streamlining Financial Services with Karma Global

In today’s dynamic market, banks and financial services (BFS) companies face numerous challenges and opportunities, given the disruptive nature of the industry and strict regulatory measures. To ensure their global competitiveness and success, many BFS companies partner with Karma Global, a leading firm specializing in digitization and automation for back-office operations in the banking sector.

Karma Global serves as a comprehensive solution provider, catering to various aspects of the banking domain, including corporate banking, trade finance, direct banking, global trade services, and retail assets & liabilities. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the company offers banking and financial process management services, incorporating commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and its proprietary innovations such as robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent document processing (IDP), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) algorithms, and intelligent workflows.

Through Karma Global’s expertise, banking and financial service enterprises can seamlessly automate a wide range of processes, regardless of their complexity, by utilizing intelligent technology solutions in various combinations. The company empowers its clients to gain full control and awareness, enabling them to monitor and eliminate money laundering and fraudulent activities within their transactional ecosystem.

Advantages of Karma Global's Services:

30+ years of Banking Process Management Experience
Expertise in International and Domestic Markets
6.5 Million Accounts Processed Per Year
End-to-End Automation Projects
99.99% Accuracy at Form Level
Audit Trails with High Visibility and Traceability
50% Reduction in Average Transaction Handling Time

Banking Process Management Offerings

New Business
Account Maintenance
Loans & Mortgage
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