Healthcare Process Management

The business of insurers can be significantly impacted by the improvement of health claims processes. Efficient claims management not only enhances customer experience but also reduces processing costs and time, adjudication errors, and ensures increased regulatory compliance. To achieve these goals, Karma Global offers a cutting-edge Business Process Management (BPM) solution tailored for healthcare, assisting insurers and payers in transforming their claims management processes.

Karma Global’s BPM solution leverages the power of TruBot, an enterprise-grade multi-skilled robotic process automation (RPA) bot. Through advanced imaging technologies and document capture, along with the proprietary intelligent document processing solution, TruCap+, and rule-based algorithms, the system effectively mines context and intelligence from unstructured data. The result is minimized adjudication errors, reduced claims processing costs, increased efficiency, and a superior customer service experience for insurers.

For enterprises seeking to take full control and cognizance of monitoring and eliminating fraud in the claims processing, Karma Global BPM solution provides the answer. The platform incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to decrease instances of false positives and false negatives, thus improving processing time and turnaround time.

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